NIGHT MUSIC, poems by Maria Espinosa

nightmusicThe Tides Press, Sausalito, 1969

Out of print

A chapbook of early poems with a lyrical, mystical quality.

“They are very sincere and direct and rich in feeling—rare today—most poetry being intellectual and full of word-juggling. . . I was touched by your reference to the Diary . . . We need feeling in writing. We have paid dearly for a whole generation of callous indifference—and feeling will enrich that sterile soil of alienation, loss of identity, etc. In the poems based on love, all the tribulations, pains, and joys are registered.

“. . .Yes, editing the Diary is difficult. It was a choice of giving what I could or not at all. . . .Don’t let people tell you anything is too personal. I was accused of that for twenty years. And now the Diary is more life giving to others than the so-called impersonal books. So will be the poems.”

—ANAIS NIN, personal note to Maria Espinosa
from Night Music

Nuns shed crystal tears
As they sweep along the street
Trailing robes behind them.
Nuns weep tears of cyrstal
For the love of God.
Brides of the Christ
They seek him
Souls wanting him
In the desert.
Not finding him
They do not despair.
Their tears are frozen.